Discover your multi-dimensional nature by booking a session.

“My goal is to facilitate and inspire people to experience authentic healing and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and joy. Through my sessions, I help people access an enhanced state of consciousness, designed to amplify one’s own true nature. This brings clarity to the human experience.”


About Vlada

Vlada’s abilities are multi-faceted. During her work, she applies her psychic visioning capabilities to provide clients with answers yet also practical solutions to specific situations.

Vlada believes we all have the power to be extraordinary, so she focuses on cultivating healing power within her clients, strengthening their belief in them-selves.

After working continuously with Vlada, clients will find that they no longer need to seek any external sources for answers — they are able to access their own inner wisdom and navigate their life experience with their own set of tools.

Beyond this, Vlada works with clients to remove any limiting beliefs and outdated programming that no longer serves the goal of expanding into one’s limitless truth. 

Although finding the right words to express my personal experience working with Vlada may be difficult to combine, gratitude and deeply profound insight is only a start. What is most profound is the gentleness in Vlada’s guidance to reveal answers to personal long held struggles that were there the whole time. Vlada helped me hold up a mirror and reflect what I could not see inside myself to shift in awareness and my consciousness to move forward in this journey of life with love and simplicity.
Vlada is a world-class teacher, shaman and guide. She continuously astonishes me not only by her use of what many would call “extraordinary” abilities, but simply because she walks the talk. Vlada helped me access my flow-state that has allowed me pursue my passion, and in the process optimize my health to a level I didn’t even know was possible.
Working with Vlada was such an indescribable positive experience. I’ve changed and grown tremendously. With her help and guidance, I was not only able to see the changes I needed to make in my life, but also take the action I needed to bring about those changes. As a result each day has been fuller and more enjoyable than the the last.

Who should do this type of work?

  • If you feel out of alignment with your mind, body and soul.

  • If you are questioning your gifts.

  • If you are ready for some in-depth real-time spiritual ascension guidance.

  • Balancing masculine & feminine energies.

  • You are trying to break into new paradigms that require a loss of previous ones.

  • Want to find a perfect balance within yourself as an individual and in your profession.

  • Connect with your gifted inner child, developing more of your gifts and learn to reprogram yourself.